I have a vague feeling that in a couple years all these nice and large JPGs I am posting will appear as tiny thumbnails on the screen. If you want to run a sustainable picture blog it would make a lot sence to start uploading really large images ( i.e. native 10mpixel ). Screens will not only be bigger but for certain will have much higher resolution per inch in the future.
This picture looks like a 1997 (compuserve-) GIF but was actually taken today by a mobile phone cam and then send via MMS (probably compressed again) to me. “Map” is up and running! It marks out what Google considers to be the center of the polish city Sczcecin. From Berlin it’s just a 2h trip by train and by Brandenburgticket (35,- / 5 people) very cheap to go there. Think about it! inSPIRACJE festival !

and much more!!!