Current & upcoming shows / talks / workshops
13. – 17.6.2012
Contemporary Art Fair Basel, represented by [DAM] , Basel, Switzerland
2.6. – 22.9. 2012
UMOCA – Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, USA
curated by: Aaron Moulton
with: Steve McQueen, Ignacio Uriarte, Adam Bateman, Beehive Design Collective, Andy Graydon, Janos Fodor, Jakup Ferri, REP Group, Rainer Ganahl, Aram Barhtoll, Pablo Helguera, Lucia Nimcova, Ignasi Aballi, Lisa Oppenheim, Bob Moss, and more
Next Berlin
Conference for digital industries, Berlin, Germany
Indie Connect
A MAZE, conference, Berlin, Germany
20.4. – 10.6.2012
Invisible Maps
Luis Adelantado Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
curated by Violeta Horcasitas
with Aram Barhtoll, Eduardo Basualdo, Peter Coffin, Daniel Everett, Marcius Galan, Veronique Jourmard, Miltos Manetas, Moris, Michael Rael, Jon Rafman, David Shrigley and Mungo Thomson
Seven on Seven
Conference Rhizome, New York, NYC
with: Aram Bartholl, Xavier Cha, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Naeem Mohaimen, Jon Rafman, Taryn Simon, Stephanie Syjuco, Jeremy Ashkenas, Blaine Cook, Michael Herf, Marissa Mayer, Aaron Swartz, Khoi Vinh, Anthony Volodkin
The Speed Book launch party
Eyebeam, New York, NYC
with Brad Troemel, Lindsay Howard & Music by Hennesy Youngman
4.4. – 16.4.2012
It’s a small small world
Family Business, New York, NYC
curated by Hennesy Youngman
10.3. – 9.12.2012
Playtime – Videogame mythologies
Maison d’Ailleurs, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
Curated by José Luis de Vicente
16.12.2011 – 30.4.2012
Curious Minds: New Approaches in Design
Design & Architecture dept. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Curated by Alex Ward
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