“How to solve 5 Problems using a map” produced by Theo is another result of the ‘How to DIY‘ workshop week. I like this one  a lot because it plays with the different formats of DIY. The successful McGiver TV series is well known for its story embedded DIY survival solutions. Theo converted these absurd Mc Giver How to’s  to a typical step by step Instructables tutorial. This way godfather Mc Giver becomes part of the DIY Web 2.0 masses. Do his solutions convince the Instructables audience? The web based, user 2 user DIY format of Instructables attracts a very large community. Sometimes its tutorials seem to be more influenced by the old TV formats and than by cutting edge Web2.0. The entertainment factor often outweighs the usefulness of a DIY tutorial. A dream came true, everybody can be Mc Giver today!
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