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YOUR ART!! Party at F.A.T. GOLD at Eyebeam

April 9, 2013

YOUR ART Party – FAT GOLD at Eyebeam from Aram Bartholl on Vimeo.

YOUR ART!! party at Eyenbeam last Saturday was super cool!! As part of the F.A.T. GOLD program visitors were invited to build a golden necklace to show art from their phones.  The concept is based on an intervention I did with Khoi Vinh during the Seven on Seven conference at Rhizome 2012.  More documentation about the F.A.T. GOLD exhibition at Eyebeam to come.


‚Express Yourself‘ intervention with Khoi Vinh during the Seven on Seven conference at Rhizome 2012.

Prior YOUR ART!! party at my birthday party in Berlin Dec 2012


Internet Cat

Februar 4, 2011

OI preview from Aram Bartholl on Vimeo.

(….working on a new piece at Eyebeam NYC … check out this short preview, Internet Cat! 🙂

„Dead Drops“ preview

Oktober 29, 2010

I am pleased to preview ‚Dead Drops‘ a new project which I started off as part of my ongoing EYEBEAM residency in NYC the last couple weeks. ‚Dead Drops‘ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. I am ‚injecting‘ USB flash drives into walls, buildings and curbs accessable to anybody in public space. You are invited to go to these places (so far 5 in NYC) to drop or find files on a dead drop. Plug your laptop to a wall, house or pole to share your favorite files and data. Each dead drop contains a readme.txt file explaining the project. ‚Dead Drops‘ is still in progress, to be continued here and in more cities. Full documentation, movie, map and ‚How to make your own dead drop‘ manual coming soon! Stay tuned.
Dead drop (Wikipedia)
In the meanwhile drop some files here!
87 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (Makerbot)
Empire Fulton Ferry Park, Brooklyn, NY (Dumbo)
235 Bowery, NY (New Museum)
Union Square, NY (Subway Station 14th St)
540 West 21st Street, NY (Eyebeam)
I have to admit I wasn’t prepared for this  unbelievable feedback I am got in the recent days. The preview post became a major release! This means while I try to hold up against a journalistic DNS attack I am putting together this site on the fly with my left hand:


The site is still a bit naked but step by step I am adding content (FAQ, how to, movie docu etc). If you want to embed your own dead drop in your city you are free to go. Check the instructions here.

Dead Drops 'How to' – NYC from Aram Bartholl on Vimeo.

All pics on flickr !