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Speculative Privacy: Practical and impractical things you can do to your phone

August 24, 2016

„Speculative Privacy: Practical and impractical things you can do to your phone“ is a lecture-workshop-performance format I presented at the Datapolitics conference track during the annual International Summer festival, Kampnagel, Hamburg on August 20th.
First the audience got stickers on their smart phone cameras at the entrance (in true Berghain manner) and then was instructed to do a few tests and look up settings on their devices during the talk. In the second half of the presentation everyone was invited to the stage to test different tools and materials on their phones while we kept discussing todays privacy questions. Some of the ‚mini workshops‘ are useful others don’t really make sense but offer a strong therapeutic moment to ‚grill‘ your mobile phone in a non destructive way.  You always wanted to flush your phone in the toilet or bury it in cement? This is your chance! Have it vacuumed in a plastic bag and dip it in paint or through it in other actions!
All slides of the talk and related links here! : http://datenform.de/talks/kampnagel/
Aram Bartholl, 2016

…more pictures on flickr!!

How to cement in your phone in a non-destructive way!
Aram Bartholl: Speculative Privacy
Aram Bartholl ist Konzept- und Medienkünstler. Im Mittelpunkt seines Interesses steht die kritische Auseinandersetzung mit der zunehmenden Digitalisierung unseres Alltags. In seinen oft humorvollen Arbeiten überführt er Items aus der Netzwelt ins Analoge, um bspw. die Allgegenwärtigkeit von Internetunternehmen wie Google sichtbar zu machen. In seinem performativen Workshop TRANSPARENCY zeigt er welche digitalen Spuren bei der Benutzung von Smartphones entstehen und welche Möglichkeiten es gibt, diese zu verwischen.
Thanks to the Kampnagel team for making all this possible!
20. August 2016, 18:00 – 19:30 (Halle P1)
Kampnagel, Hamburg

„Fuck You Cookie“

September 29, 2009

„Fuck You Cookie“ Performance
Fridericianum Museum, Kassel
by Philipp Teister and Kim Asendorf.
You want a cookie too? Check this!


Gott sieht alles

Juli 13, 2009

I am waiting for the day when Google will ask us to ’streetview‘ our own houses and apartments. „Look, Tobi has a new kitchen table. Ah, here is his bathroom.“
Check the Google streetview bike on searchengineland!

Transparent Society

Juni 17, 2009

I feel so transparent today.  😉
‚Hey Google Health! Could you plz archive this for me. Thx!“

'Nice to see you'

Mai 31, 2009

It’s kind of natural nowadays that a meeting point is monitored by a surveillance cam. But in this particular case (at airport Tegel, Berlin, DE) it is interesting that the logo of the meeting point looks exactly like the cam itself.

Secure Lock

Juni 23, 2008

The Deutsche Post has a new high security „lock“ preventing customers from cash machine scam. This green plastic piece in front of the cash machine slot has a holographic lock on it. Wow! that makes me feel really safe.
Hmm … wait a moment. How do I know that Deutsche Post has placed it there?

Hey! How about some cash machine street art pieces? 😉


German Finger

Mai 27, 2008

I already had a pic of the official german finger print scanner in my blog lately.
But this time I had to get a new passport which includes a scan of my left and right index finger.
~I am really so happy that I can help my country to save us from terrorism by having my fingers scanned, wonderfull ~ …. [hehe, but I didn t tell them they were scanning a Schäuble (Minister of Internal Affairs) replica ;-)]

More details about the fake fingerprint of german Minister of Internal Affairs on edri.org

Before this goes out of control! I didn’t really do it. I haven’t used a Schäuble replica for my passport finger scans. But I just wanted to point out the possibility (as suggested by CCC last 24c3) .


„Skype is a snitch.“

Februar 24, 2008

I am not very good in tracking birthdays of friends, there always manybirthdays in spring. Addtionally skype notifies you when one of your contacts has birthday. Very handy but is it correct? Do I want that? Did I ask skype to tell everybody it s my birthday? Hmm … do I have to respond to a note because I know that he knows that I know …
I decided run an experiment. Since 5 days it s my birthday every day on skype. I got some messages, comments, emails and even phone calls. Some people were doubting, some noticed on the 3rd day. It was fun.

„Skype is a snitch.“ Marius posted in a comment, very true.
(Btw, my birthday is on 27.12.)


„I.R.A.S.C. Infrared light against surveillance cameras”

Februar 18, 2008

A simple DIY infrared headlight disturbs surveillance cams. I like this very simple but efficient idea. Any proposals for daylight non-IR cams?

The artists U.R.A. / FILOART will present this project tomorrow during Pechakucha night Berlin volume 8. See you there!

Pechakucha vol.8
20:20 h
at Tapegallery

„Infrared light against surveillance cameras“ is an infra-red device working as a protection shield from infra-red surveillance cameras. Everybody can rebuild this device without special technical skills.

I-R.A.S.C. is a device giving every citizen a reliable protection from governmental security measures. I-R.A.S.C. is security against security and therefore a response to the dissymmetry of the forces between state and individual. Instead of showing and interaction among human-beings, or between man and machine.

I-R.A.S.C. demonstrates an interaction among machines. This is part of absurd situation – while the time and effort invested into protection measures aims at the alleged safety of the citizens, the individual looses importance in this safety concept.


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