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Printed Jeans

September 23, 2008

A nice one. Printed jeans customized in real time from a Second Life sweat shop. Hmm maybe I should go in series with my Nokia 6600 pair of jeans …. 😉

Double Happiness Jeans premiered at the
2008 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah

„Stadtplandienst vs.Me“

September 15, 2008

Joachim is showing a new work on upcoming Wednesday at NewBerlin Second Life/Real Life. He will present a movie of his own lawsuit reenacted in Second Life dicussing copyright issues in relation to art. See you there!

Wednesday 17.09.2008
Screenings 20:00 h and 22:00 h
At headquarter YOUin3D.com Hannoverschestr. 3 10115 Berlin

Flying Penis

Mai 20, 2008

A very nice Virtual -> Real transformation I couldn’t have done better 😉
Flying penis‘ are nothing very unusual in Second Life. A so called greefing attack on Anshe Chung during an Interview at CNET in Second Life last year draw quite some attention. Last week somebody reenacted this „performance“ during a speech of Garry Kasparov in Real Life! This is just hilarious. And another prove on how the net data space influences every day life in physical space. The „artist“ must have know about Second Life greefing attacks, I bet.

Thanks for the link Sascha !

„Second City“ documentation

Februar 22, 2008

I finally managed to put together a documentation about Second City Ars Electronica 2007. The festival invited me to make a design for Marienstrasse, to show my work and to involve other artists in collaboration for the Second City all relating to metavers and Second Life.

Pics info and more on the project page.

I had a great team! Thx to everybody!

„Liberate your avatar“

Februar 14, 2008

The public screen installation „Liberate your avatar“ by Paul Sermon was part of the arts and events programme for the Manchester Urban Screens Conference 12.-14.10.2007

Check out the movie documentation here.

via Mirjam, thx!

„Missing Image“ limited multiple

Februar 13, 2008

My friends Jan and Tobias from NewBerlin hosting an art festival in Second Life on Friday 15th Febuary 2008. More than 35 artists are in the exhibition showing all kinds of projects in the virtual center of Berlin.

Part of the exhibition is my project „Missing Image„. As a limited mutiple signed and numbered, 12 real life custom produced Missing Image shirts are available exclusively represented through 12 numbered boxes for sale at 50.000 Linden$ here at NewBerlin in Second Life.

Go for the real! See you on friday.

Exhibition related real life events:

15.2.08 16-18 Uhr: Statens Museum for Kunst, Kopenhagen
(Sølvgade 48-50, 1307 København)

15.2.08 18 Uhr: Directors Lounge, Berlin
(Berlin Mitte, Friedrich Str. 112A)


Februar 11, 2008

Fooling around with GLintercept and Ogle. My „petrified“ avatar from Second Life.

Poetry Spam

Januar 30, 2008

Anna Krenz and her Avatar were reading spam email as poetry at Transmediale today.


„Export to world“

Januar 23, 2008

Export to world is a beautiful project by Linda Kostowski and Sascha Pohflepp which was part of a series of Second Life workshops I organized for Second City at Ars Electronica 4.-11.9.2007.

Visitors could buy objects from Second Life for Linden$ (converted to €) in Real Life at the Second City Shop – Ars Electronica. But in fact they got a DIY self papercraft sheet of the 3D object from which they had to create the real paper object themselves. The project relates to the fact that it is not possible to copy protected objects in Second Life. But exporting them to world overides this protection. We had a lot of fun papercrafting Second Life items at Ars!

Check out all the nice objects they made available, download a PDF, print and build your own bubble gum machine! (this pic is not a photoshop!!!)
link www.exporttoworld.net

Very similar project „No Matter“ will take place during the promising Mixed Realities Symposium 7-8.2.2008 curated by Jo-Anne Green from Turbulence

Call: newBerlin ART FESTIVAL

Januar 22, 2008

My friends from newBerlin are hosting an art festival at New Berlin/193/184/31 in Second Life on Febuary 15th.

The show is part of the real life Exhibition Virtual Moves at Kopenhagen Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) realized by taggingart.org and dealing with SL art.

newBerlin calls for participation in their event. All interested artists are invited to join. More details on their Blog and at the event wiki.