I would love to see that movie screening tomorrow, but I couldn’t get a cheap flight to NYC any more 😉
I met Tor Lindstrand at Ars07, we had an interesting panel discussion on PublicSpace-DigitalSpace relation together with Stefan Dösinger and Mirjam Struppek.
I like the work of International Festival, the mixture of theater, performance and any kind of space a lot.

Screening at
Storefront for Art and Architecture
17.10. 2-4 PM

Find more details on the flyer.

As part of PERFORMA07, New York’s second biennial of new visual art performance, International Festival takes on the monumental task of re-shooting the entirety of On The Town (98 minutes), Stanley Donen’s seminal 1949 dance film featuring Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and others, in order to produce an inter-textual fiction engaging with the spatial and social geographies of New York City.