Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art

4. October – 24. November 2019
Group Show, Coventry, Coventry

The highly anticipated second Coventry Biennial will unfold across the city from the 4th October to the 24th November 2019 and we invite people to learn, look, make, talk, think and walk with us.

The biennial’s title this year is The Twin and it comprises a series of exhibitions, events and activities about relationships.

We are an international city; Coventry and Volgograd, Russia, were the first modern twin cities in the world and this year marks the 75th anniversary of that historic bond of friendship.

The core programme of The Twin will unfold across the city in medieval and modernist buildings as well as in artist studios, galleries and museums. We will be exhibiting new and existing artworks by individual artists, duos and groups from Coventry, across the UK and from many of our international twin cities as well as other international locations. We are delighted to be exhibiting the artists listed below and will be announcing a small number of additional practitioners over the coming weeks and months:

Isobel Adderley & Jazz Moreton, Tully Arnot, Art & Language, Jonny Bark, Aram Bartholl, Jordan Baseman, James Birkin, Simon & Tom Bloor, James Bridle, Lorsen Camps, Paul Chan & Badlands Unlimited, David Cheeseman, James Clarkson, Anna Columbine, Maud Cotter, Paul Crook, Matthew Darbyshire, Joseph DeLappe, Lisa Denyer, Jacqueline Donachie, Caitriona Dunnett, EVOL, Anne Forgan, Dylan Fox, Darryl Georgiou & Rebekah Tolley, Zuza Golinska, Noémie Goudal, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Mona Hatoum, Corey Hayman, Nicky Hirst, Clare Holdstock, Fred Hubble, Andrew Jackson, Juneau Projects, Navi Kaur, Smirna Kulenović, Liz Lake, Ollie Ma, Ioana Marinescu, Tony McClure, Lorna Mills, Anna Molska, MTAA, Alexandra Muller, Edie Jo Murray, Uriel Orlow, OUTLINE & Smirna Kulenović, Paper Rad, Bharti Parmar, Parmar & Piper, Partisan Social Club, Mathew Parkin, Matthew Picton, Duncan Poulton, Adele Mary Reed, Lis Rhodes, Rafaël Rozendaal, Ana Rutter, Richard Scott, Shirana Shahbazi, Larissa Shaw, Thomson & Craighead, Leonid Toprover, Chidera Ugada, Mhairi Vari, Nilupa Yasmin

Immortality – The Ural Bienniale

12. September – 1. December 2019
Group Show, uralbiennale.ru, Ekaterinburg

The Ural Industrial Biennial is the largest regional art project with international participation among those existing on the territory of the Russian Federation. The Biennial takes place at former industrial and non-exhibition spaces in Ekaterinburg and other cities of the Ural region.

In its 5th edition, the Ural Biennial explores concepts behind the Immortality, both secular and sacred; it is seen as a powerful utopist idea, as technocratic obscurity, as a symbolic tool and as a condition which might cause evident ethical schisms.

One night stand

30. June – 1. July 2019
Group Show, Horse and Pony, Berlin

Please don’t stand in the middle of the road waiting for me to get you on camera

23. June – 22. July 2019
Group Show, isthisitisthisit.com, Online

Metanatural Landscapes

7. – 20. June 2019
Group Show, panke.gallery, Berlin

Vienna Biennale 2019

28. May 2019 – 27. May 2020
Group Show, MAK Design Labors, Vienna

SF MOMA: Snap + Share

24. March – 4. August 2019
Group Show, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco

SFMOMA: snap+share
transmitting photographs from mail art to social networks
March 30–August 4, 2019

The exhibition snap+share gives visitors a new way to visualize — and experience — how photographs have become so ubiquitous in our daily lives. Whether through early examples of 1960s and ’70s mail art, physical piles of pictures uploaded to the Internet over a 24-hour period, or a working refrigerator that allows participatory meme-making, visitors can trace the evolution of sharing photographs.

Spanning the history of mail art to social networks, the show presents a variety of artists working in various media, from framed paper-based art to immersive installations. Some of these artists include On Kawara, Ray Johnson, Moyra Davey, Erik Kessels, Corinne Vionnet, and David Horvitz. Exploring how networks are created through the act of sending images out into the world, this exhibition reveals just how those networks have changed in the age of the Internet.

curated by Clement Cheroux
with: Thomas Bachler, Ray Johnson, Aram Bartholl, On Kawara, Joseph Beuys, Erik Kessels , Moyra Davey, William Larson, Jan Dibbets, Eva and Franco Mattes, Walker Evans, Peter Miller, Jeff Guess, Ken Ohara, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Stephen Shore, Kate Hollenbach, Endre Tót, David Horvitz, Corinne Vionnet

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July 30, 2009

fickt_euch_daniel_pflumm(“Fuck you all!”)
Daniel Pflumm 2004
at MOUNT WARNING facade gallery,
on Auguststr. (across KW 😉 , Berlin:

One of the best pieces that gallery ever showed. It’s a pitty they are not active anymore.

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F.A.T. @ Pechakucha Berlin

July 29, 2009

001_fat_labTobi-X and myself will present 20 projects of F.A.T. tomorrow at Pecha Kucha Night Berlin Vol.14@Platoon

Summer Open-Air @Platoon:
30.7.2009, Doors: 21:00h, Start: 22:00h
Alte Schönhauserstr. 3, Berlin

Cya there!

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South Park Internet Lesson

July 29, 2009

from South Park: Internet fads

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July 24, 2009

Great project by James Bridle! Love it!
And similar to what I handed in at Rhizome this year “Public Timeline” (but didn’t made it.)

via @jamiew, thx man!



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FaVE conference

July 24, 2009

3d-specs Next monday I’ ll give a keynote talk at

International Conference on Facets of Virtual Environments

Berlin, Germany, July 27-29, 2009.

This conference will also be mirrored in Second Life, hosted by my friends of NewBerlin www.youin3d.com.


Where is this whole 3D cinema/games hype coming from? Some people didn’t understand yet that an interesting gameplay/mmo/social interaction is the key to a successfull 3D space/game. The immersion is not gained from the perfect graphics or 3D impression but from a well made universe and social interaction, which doens’t mean I don’t like classic 3D glasses, they are great but for other reasons.

Check also the text based SL client textSL in this context.


July 24, 2009



Every time I have a Currywurst I have to think of this beautiful series of Susanne Laufer at Kunstfrühling Bremen 2009.

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July 23, 2009

via and more at geekologie.com

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July 21, 2009

Should a 3D-space/game be part of a web-page, embedded like metaplace below or should the 2D content (browser) be part of the 3D space like in Secondlife below? Will there ba a protocol or platform which could connect all these separated 3D worlds out there (VRML didnt make it)?

Sure, games want to be capsuled in a specific atmosphere and for that reason they mostly run in standalone full screen mode. But I would love to be able to drop by at any kind of virtual space/game with a single click without installing a new client or game. I want my interface and controls to be the same everywhere. I want to be able to walk my Hubbo Hotel character in WoW….

An overview of Second Life and its competitors
The Top 10 Money-Making MMOs of 2008

I think it’s hilarious how people in SL simulate real life with all its imperfectness.


July 19, 2009
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Geistiges Eigentum

July 19, 2009


“Intellectual Property” … close your eyes and say it 10 times very slowly …
The german translation even sounds more weird. I believe this is an oxymoron.

I just read this good summary on copyright etc issues in CT (german) and felt like sharing it.  😉
Recommended book “Against Intellectual Monopoly” by Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine,  available online for free!