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26. October 2019 – 31. January 2020
Group Show, MdbK, Leipzig

The Supermarket of Images

16. October 2019 – 13. February 2020
Group Show, Je de Paume, Paris

Vienna Biennale 2019

28. May 2019 – 27. May 2020
Group Show, MAK Design Labors, Vienna

Modell und Ruine

25. May – 9. June 2019
Group Show, Werkleitz Festival, Dessau

On the occasion of the Bauhaus anniversary, the Werkleitz Festival 2019 will take place from May 25th to June 9th in Dessau-Roßlau. In the title model stands as a model for a future to be created and ruin as a testimony of a mostly idealized past. The aim of the festival is to locate the Bauhaus in a broader historical context. Thirteen artists are invited to this project, who dedicate themselves in Dessau from the current perspective to the poles of power model and ruin.

Workshop: True Depth

18. April 2019
Workshop, HeK, Basel

Panel Discussion

17. April 2019
Talk, HeK, Basel


12. April 2019
Talk, Drugo More, Rijeka, Croatia

If birds in a truck fly, does the truck get lighter?

11. – 30. April 2019
Group Show, Drugo More, Rijeka, Croatia

Biennale d’art contemporain de Strasbourg

13. December 2018 – 31. March 2019
Group Show, Hotel des Postes, Strasbourg, France

Blog Archive for Month: July 2009


July 30, 2009

fickt_euch_daniel_pflumm(“Fuck you all!”)
Daniel Pflumm 2004
at MOUNT WARNING facade gallery,
on Auguststr. (across KW 😉 , Berlin:

One of the best pieces that gallery ever showed. It’s a pitty they are not active anymore.

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F.A.T. @ Pechakucha Berlin

July 29, 2009

001_fat_labTobi-X and myself will present 20 projects of F.A.T. tomorrow at Pecha Kucha Night Berlin Vol.14@Platoon

Summer Open-Air @Platoon:
30.7.2009, Doors: 21:00h, Start: 22:00h
Alte Schönhauserstr. 3, Berlin

Cya there!

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South Park Internet Lesson

July 29, 2009

from South Park: Internet fads

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July 24, 2009

Great project by James Bridle! Love it!
And similar to what I handed in at Rhizome this year “Public Timeline” (but didn’t made it.)

via @jamiew, thx man!



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FaVE conference

July 24, 2009

3d-specs Next monday I’ ll give a keynote talk at

International Conference on Facets of Virtual Environments

Berlin, Germany, July 27-29, 2009.

This conference will also be mirrored in Second Life, hosted by my friends of NewBerlin www.youin3d.com.


Where is this whole 3D cinema/games hype coming from? Some people didn’t understand yet that an interesting gameplay/mmo/social interaction is the key to a successfull 3D space/game. The immersion is not gained from the perfect graphics or 3D impression but from a well made universe and social interaction, which doens’t mean I don’t like classic 3D glasses, they are great but for other reasons.

Check also the text based SL client textSL in this context.


July 24, 2009



Every time I have a Currywurst I have to think of this beautiful series of Susanne Laufer at Kunstfrühling Bremen 2009.

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July 23, 2009

via and more at geekologie.com

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July 21, 2009

Should a 3D-space/game be part of a web-page, embedded like metaplace below or should the 2D content (browser) be part of the 3D space like in Secondlife below? Will there ba a protocol or platform which could connect all these separated 3D worlds out there (VRML didnt make it)?

Sure, games want to be capsuled in a specific atmosphere and for that reason they mostly run in standalone full screen mode. But I would love to be able to drop by at any kind of virtual space/game with a single click without installing a new client or game. I want my interface and controls to be the same everywhere. I want to be able to walk my Hubbo Hotel character in WoW….

An overview of Second Life and its competitors
The Top 10 Money-Making MMOs of 2008

I think it’s hilarious how people in SL simulate real life with all its imperfectness.


July 19, 2009
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Geistiges Eigentum

July 19, 2009


“Intellectual Property” … close your eyes and say it 10 times very slowly …
The german translation even sounds more weird. I believe this is an oxymoron.

I just read this good summary on copyright etc issues in CT (german) and felt like sharing it.  😉
Recommended book “Against Intellectual Monopoly” by Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine,  available online for free!