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26. October 2019 – 31. January 2020
Group Show, MdbK, Leipzig

The Supermarket of Images

16. October 2019 – 13. February 2020
Group Show, Je de Paume, Paris

Vienna Biennale 2019

28. May 2019 – 27. May 2020
Group Show, MAK Design Labors, Vienna

Modell und Ruine

25. May – 9. June 2019
Group Show, Werkleitz Festival, Dessau

On the occasion of the Bauhaus anniversary, the Werkleitz Festival 2019 will take place from May 25th to June 9th in Dessau-Roßlau. In the title model stands as a model for a future to be created and ruin as a testimony of a mostly idealized past. The aim of the festival is to locate the Bauhaus in a broader historical context. Thirteen artists are invited to this project, who dedicate themselves in Dessau from the current perspective to the poles of power model and ruin.

Workshop: True Depth

18. April 2019
Workshop, HeK, Basel

Panel Discussion

17. April 2019
Talk, HeK, Basel


12. April 2019
Talk, Drugo More, Rijeka, Croatia

If birds in a truck fly, does the truck get lighter?

11. – 30. April 2019
Group Show, Drugo More, Rijeka, Croatia

SF MOMA: Snap + Share

24. March – 4. August 2019
Group Show, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco

SFMOMA: snap+share
transmitting photographs from mail art to social networks
March 30–August 4, 2019

The exhibition snap+share gives visitors a new way to visualize — and experience — how photographs have become so ubiquitous in our daily lives. Whether through early examples of 1960s and ’70s mail art, physical piles of pictures uploaded to the Internet over a 24-hour period, or a working refrigerator that allows participatory meme-making, visitors can trace the evolution of sharing photographs.

Spanning the history of mail art to social networks, the show presents a variety of artists working in various media, from framed paper-based art to immersive installations. Some of these artists include On Kawara, Ray Johnson, Moyra Davey, Erik Kessels, Corinne Vionnet, and David Horvitz. Exploring how networks are created through the act of sending images out into the world, this exhibition reveals just how those networks have changed in the age of the Internet.

curated by Clement Cheroux
with: Thomas Bachler, Ray Johnson, Aram Bartholl, On Kawara, Joseph Beuys, Erik Kessels , Moyra Davey, William Larson, Jan Dibbets, Eva and Franco Mattes, Walker Evans, Peter Miller, Jeff Guess, Ken Ohara, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Stephen Shore, Kate Hollenbach, Endre Tót, David Horvitz, Corinne Vionnet

Biennale d’art contemporain de Strasbourg

13. December 2018 – 31. March 2019
Group Show, Hotel des Postes, Strasbourg, France

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Gothic High Tech vs. Favela Chic

December 28, 2009

myaewkiac25Of course it is much better to see Bruce Sterling perform but luckyly Morgan Currie published a full transcription of his speech from the symposium in Amsterdam last weekend. I was blown away ….

Bruce Sterling on Gothic high tech and favela chic

The next decade we’re entering into the teens. It’s a decade inhabited by digital natives, rather than digital revolutionaries, though this is something that has already happened. It’s already behind us, after 1989,when we switched from analogue to digital, from actual to virtual, from scientific to user-centric, local to global, multinationals to financial moguls.

Most of my life has been spent talking about this change. This next decade is in the hands of people who don’t care about that. They don’t know what a typewriter ribbons was. They don’t remember older ways of doing things abolished by these revolutions. Digital natives are growing up in a depression, when banks make people poor, and healthcare makes people sick. Digital natives never have to be told to digitize anything. The hardware is all around. Their immediate response is to grab for a mobile or a laptop.

The driving forces of the digital revolution continue and intensify, but there is no previous order left to rebel against. We don’t get a digital new world order. Digital culture is too fluid and inherently destabilizing, there are too many small pieces to join, and it’s always in beta form. The digital is a tool, but not a tool that interest groups can use to advance their own interests. We don’t get prosperity or governance from it. It’s not a force for good or ill but a phenomenon like electrification, the railroad, or other transformative infrastructures. Railroad natives were bored to death by people who explained railroads as if they were impressive. They’re just there once they’re there.

…. read on !!!!

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Free like a bird!

December 28, 2009

“Tired of being stalked and reading tweets of people you actually don’t really care about? Liberate yourself with a twitter suicide and feel free like a real bird again! Visit suicidemachine.org to find out more.”

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December 22, 2009


December 16, 2009

clip_image002And another group show on almost the same date as Liverpool with First Person Shooter. Thx to Damiano Colacito (great works!) for the invitation! Would love to join!


museo laboratorio
18.12.2009 – 23.01.2010
vernissage 18.12.09 7:00 pm

Museolaboratorio ex manifattura tabacchi
Vico Lupinato 1, 65013
Città Sant’Angelo (PE), Italy
Tel. +39 (0)85 960555
Direttore Enzo De Leonibus

please find below the full exhibition info provided by the

(there might be some minor spelling mistakes, sorry.)

o curo di    o De Lean
Nicola Di Copri° Roberto Piloni Alessandro Roma
• roto Campione E o De Leonibus
o • d Herzog Ru
Domi o Colocito
Gionmarco    tesori°
Franco Possolacqua
18 dicembre 09 /
vernissage: venerdì 18 dicem
sirno Pianese Lucrezia Schlavorelli Diego Zuelli
orlo Dell'Amico
orlalo l
9. ore 190
M USEQ laboratorio
.711 ••••••••••`"'" 71 ,t
Aperto tutti isdp.r.n1dolle ore 17.00 *IVO 715 • chiuso kmedi e mortedl
Vsco Lupind.o.111:!‘i3CiltòZ9S(07; 085%O5S5/wwwrrno.dobceotonoocq/rjStwnoPcbcr#.ozìocg
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“Space Invaders”

December 16, 2009

First Person Shooter will be part of the upcoming game art show “Space Invaders”at FACT Liverpool UK.

Exploring the blurred boundaries between video-game space and real space

FACT launches a season of gaming with Space Invaders, a group exhibition that brings art and gaming cultures together. From retro text-based role-playing games, to the detailed city maps found in the latest Grand Theft Auto, Space Invaders draws on these sources of artistic inspiration and explores the increasingly blurred boundaries between video-game spaces and real spaces.

Friday 18 December 2009 – Sunday 21 February 2010
FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool

Blast Theory, Aram Bartholl, Bill Viola, Cao Fei, Ludic Society, Riley Harmon, Jeremy Bailey, Ubermorgen.com, Julian Oliver, Yuichiro Katsumoto, Anita Fontaine and Michael Pelletier, Mark Essen, …

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“me you and everyone we know is a curator”

December 16, 2009


Upcoming saturday I’ll present my work at this symposium. If you happend to be in Amsterdam drop by chek it out …

A symposium about quality in an age of visual overload

While museums are developing strategies to digitalise their collections, online cultural production is growing steadily, with hundreds of thousands of new images posted each day. A lot of potentially interesting work is being produced online, which never reaches the physical world. The distribution of this high quality work is increasingly decentralised, leaving museums, foundations and professional magazines at a loss on how to redefine their role as gatekeepers. On the other hand, the time spent daily behind the computer on internet networking is pushing the demand for a physical experience of our fleeting culture. Designers, artists, mediators and policy makers need to redefine their position, because new technologies define to a large extent today’s possibilities and means of presentation and archiving. The search is for new quality criteria, new frames of references, and alternative methods for enabling connections between the virtual and the physical space of today’s culture.

Venue: Paradiso, Weteringschans 6, Amsterdam

Entrance: €25, €10 (students)
Pre-sale : AUB Ticketshop Amsterdam, Ticket Service Nederland
Reservations: symposium@graphicdesignmuseum.com
Language: English

Program Saturday December 19th 2009

10.00    Doors open
10.25    Mieke Gerritzen: Welcome
10.30    Bruce Sterling: Envisioning tomorrow’s digital culture
11.15    Julia Noordegraaf: Performing archival material online
11.35    Sarah Cook: Curatorial strategies for online artistic production

11.50    Coffee break

12.05    Rick Poynor: Design criticism in the blogosphere
12.35    Sophie Krier: me you and everyone we know is a curator
12.45    Metahaven: Visual identity in the age of digital standards

13.00    Lunch break

14.00    Andrew Keen: Digital Vertigo: selecting talent in the age of social media
14.45    Aram Bartholl: Online visual culture in physical space
15.00    Dagan Cohen (Upload Cinema): Bringing web films to the big screen
15.15    Willem Velthoven (Mediamatic): Please try a new search to see less results

15.30    Coffee break

15.45    Henk Oosterling: Introduction
16.00    Debate on the changing position of policy makers and institutions with representatives
of Dutch funds and museums

16.30    Drinks

Moderator: Koert van Mensvoort (artist/scientist)
Visual Interventions: Sander van der Pavert (LuckyTV)

Organization: Graphic Design Museum
Concept: Sophie Krier, Mieke Gerritzen
Design: Metahaven

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Paint II

December 16, 2009
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December 15, 2009

I am pleased to publish the documentation of my latest work which premiered last week during a one night event at Serge’s studio. ‘primitive projections’ ONE NIGHT, Studio BKVB, Berlin, November 2009.

Dimensions: 35 x 100 x 280 cm
Materials: chipboard 10mm, corrugated board 2mm , transparent paper, ETC Source Four zoom 25-50° 750W, tripod, dimmer

Full project documentation on datenform.de

Thanks to Serge Onnen for organizing the event!
Thanks to all who showd up!
It was a great night!

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Perpetual Energy

December 13, 2009

Niklas is getting serious request for his super nice inventions, haha … Niklas, I want one too!

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World Wide Web

December 12, 2009
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