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Burning Man – Sandbox

September 7, 2008

Sandbox Berlin” is one of the Second Life projects I did last year analyzing the digital space – real life relation.

Sascha who just came back from the Burning Man festival did send me this picture. A litteral sandbox where everything is build from scratch. No more questions on how Linden Lab came up with the idea of the Second Life sandbox. 😉

Sascha’s Burning Man flickr set.
Thx for the pic!

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“Sandbox Berlin” movie

October 23, 2007

The Sandbox Berlin took place 3.-14.10.2007.
Better quailty quicktime here.

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Sandbox Berlin – Pics

October 10, 2007

Sandbox Berlin workshop last week was great fun. Before we started I gave a lecture on Second Life sandbox phenonemon at NewBerlin flaggstore at brand new Alexa shopping center. Tobias an Jan have a great off space within this bizzar shopping mall. The following 2 days we were busy building a series of different geometrical objects relating to Second Life sandbox. The formerly part of Berlin Wall is a classic non defined space and perfect spot to create a Sandbox. We had many interesting conversations and reactions with people from the neighbourhood. I also took the opportunity to put up my Google map pin from project Map which I still had in my inventory 😉

It’s fun to see how objects are moved or manipulated over the night. The yellow cube became a house with a “door” and four “windows” in the first night. I am curious for the result on sunday.

Gino who is living next to the sandbox offered me to reuse the sandbox wood after the exhibition for his 100 meter, 4 tracks slotcar racing track he is setting up with some friends. Perfect transformation for theSandbox Berlin.

Sandbox exhibition is still running till sunday 14.10.07. Don’t miss it.

All the pics of Sandbox Berlin on flickr.

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Sandbox Berlin – Workshop and Exhibition 3-5.10.07

October 2, 2007

Grab your tools and join the Sandbox Berlin! Use your hands and create!

In a two day workshop 4.-5.10.07 everybody is invited to work with their keyboard/mouse spoiled hands in Real Life. 😉

Let’s create a Sandbox. What are we able to invent and create in two days? There is no plan and no rules! Log off from Second Life for two days and enjoy the Sandbox Berlin.

Tonight we will start with an introduction and discussion.
What is the sandbox in Second Life? What is so special about it? Why I am doing this?

7 pm Wendsday 3.10.2007
at NewBerlin Flagstore,
ALEXA shopping centre,
Alexanderplace 10178 Berlin.

Workshop itself will start on thursday 10 am and ends with the exhibition opening friday evening 7 pm. Everybody is invited to drop by and get involved. There will be materials and tools provided but feel free to bring your own stuff. See you around!

Sandbox Berlin
Two-day workshop in the public space
4th – 5th October, 10 am – 7 pm
Skulpturenpark Berlin

How will the city react to a Sandbox?
6th – 14th October
Skulpturenpark Berlin

Opening and workshop wrap party
5th October, 7 -10 pm, Skulpturenpark Berlin

Skulpturenpark Berlin
Google Map
Former Berlin Wall area opposite Bundesdruckerei (Federal Printing Works)
Alte Jakobstrasse 45, on the corner of Kommandantenstrasse.
10969 Berlin

Link – More info on Sandbox project site


A project by:
Aram Bartholl – www.datenform.de

Funded by:
Senatskanzlei / Kulturelle Angelegenheiten, City of Berlin

Project management:
Susa Pop / Public Art Lab – www.publicartlab.de
Gordana Jovetic

Supported by:
NewBerlin – www.berlininsl.de
Creosa Interior – www.lex7.com
KUNSTrePUBLIK e.V. – www.skulpturenpark.org
KUBIX – www.kubix-berlin.de
Renolit – www.renolit.de
Celing – www.ciling.de
PVC-Plus – pvcplus.de

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Sandbox in Berlin

July 6, 2007

Unfortunately my concept for Second City “Sandbox” at Pfarrplatz in Linz won’t be realised for Ars Electronica. But I am thinking of doing this project after Ars Electronica in Berlin in autum. In fact I shouldn’t design a whole Sandbox like I did in this image for Linz. I think it’s better to invite people for 3 days to build own objects in sandbox style. I wonder how greefing attacks could look like in RL? 😉 I love sandboxes. It’ll be fun.

Find some typical Second Life sandbox pictures on flickr.

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