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“Double Room” by Susanne Schuricht

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Susanne Schuricht, a good friend of mine is showing her new piece “Double Room” next week in a new gallery space “gillian morris” on Brunnenstrasse 3 , Berlin, opening 27.4.2007 18:00 h.
I am curious to experience this piece on privacy and intimacy in relation to public space.

“Double Room – Prototype 01 – Installation by the artist Susanne Schuricht, is an interactive installation in public space attempting to make its “users” look at their surrounding from a fresh perspective and enabling them to become aware of the appearance of their environment, its state of permanent change and the relation to ones fellow citizens.
By moving sliding wall partitions, participants essentially re-framethe surrounding view. By interacting with double room, visitors are prompted to define their relationship to their everyday environment. A “pavilion” is the central element of a series of experiments. The very first setting will be pure analog. The next setting will have additional technology: A video camera records activities from an outside perspective and displays them with a delay. Activities of a predecessor become visible on a display, while own activities will become visible for future visitors….”

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Written by Aram

April 21st, 2007 at 7:56 pm

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  1. cool site.
    i like the thing you did with the tv =)
    best of luck to ya,


    23 Apr 07 at 12:34 am

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