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‘How to DIY’

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I am currently guest teaching for a week at the new media pathway of the Merzakademie Stuttgart. We have a lot of fun researching and discussing the huge field of DIY and How to’s. My favorite video of the day: IKEA BILLY. how to assemble the doors.

‘How to DIY’

Sharing Culture, ‘Do-It-Yourself’, and ‘How to’ tutorials. About the sense and nonsense of DIY. Youtube video how to’s and as a new entertainment format.

What are the basic rules of the DIY genre and how did it develop in history? Which one are the best, funniest, most stupid and most useful ‘how to’s’? Where does the development lead to? What role plays Open Source and digital fabrication in this context?

How to’s for the sake of how to’s. Amateur, professionel and kids. Fame, views and hits. Fast and simple. 4 steps or 90 seconds. Teaching, sharing, show off and the technology driven society.

How to smoke smarties.
How to save the world.
How to order a coffee in Berlin/Vienna/NYC/Beirut.
How to build a bomb.
How to Sneak Into the Venice Guggenheim.
How to do a kickflip.
How to run a revolution in 5 easy steps.

Stay tuned for the results!

Written by Aram

May 27th, 2009 at 2:39 pm

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